Mission Statement:


The Static Line is an American owned and operated company, made up of United States Veterans and First Responders. We came together to create this club to help give back to those who need it!  As a thank you to being a member, we will pass along exclusive deals each week to our members only.   Every membership and purchase made through The Static Line helps our wounded veterans, first responders, and other great charitable organizations every year.  We have the only online club that offers exclusive deals to our members, all while doing $1 weekly sales of top name firearms and quality gear! We also reward our members when they buy through us, and any of our affiliated partners.  Earn points when you shop, and use those points to get guns, gear, and apparel, through our points rewards store.  Shipping is free when you buy from our members-only store.  Get exclusive emails with deals from our affiliated partners, and get rewarded with points when you take advantage of the savings.  This club was created to pass along savings and rewards, all while giving back to those who need it!  Our club benefits, exclusive deals, giveaways, rewards, and charitable donations only grow as our membership does.  The more members, the better!  Check out our dedicated team over at Tango22 USA



Q: How do point rewards work?

A: When you buy from our store or any of our affiliates, you will earn points, 1 point per $1 spent – or more, depending on the deals going for the day, week, or month.  Those points build up in your membership account, where you can see your balance.  Check our members rewards page periodically and see what deals pop up, and how many points to purchase.  For example, a Glock 17 gen 5 pops up for 1,500 points, you can purchase that with your points, as long as you have 1,500 points or more.  Additionally, every member earns points each month automatically just for being a member.

Q: How do the weekly $1 deals work?

A: Each week, there will be a list of items to be sold for $1 / 1 point.  Members will be randomly selected to be given the offer.  If you recive the offer and accept it, you get the item for $1 or 1 point, whichever you choose.  If you choose to pass, it will go to the next memerb selected.  All $1 / 1 point sales are shipped free.

Q: Is there a monthly subscription plan instead of 1 year or 6 months?

A: Yes, but you can only join the monthly plan once you have completed your initial year or 6-month plan, only then will you be given the option to go into a $10 (Or discounted) monthly plan.

Q: Who gets the donations?

A: Each year, we select, and vet, charities to donate to on behalf of our members.  We choose one of each category: Veterans, First Responders, Children, and Pro-Gun Rights.  We announce our selection at the beginning of each calendar year.

Q: Whats in the point rewards sales?

A: EVERYTHING! No seriously, nothing is off the table.  There will always be a firearm in every weekly $1 sale, accompanied by some other gear, apparel, or subscription boxes.  ATVs, Drones, Dirt bikes, and other cool gear will pop up from time to time, along with something totally random, you just never know.

Q: What if I sign up, and want to cancel?

A: When you sign up, you have the option to cancel in your first 3 days as a member, 100% money-back guarantee.   You can also choose not to renew your membership after your first 12 or 6-month term, or opt for a monthly plan, which you can then cancel at any time if you wish.